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Our comics "bringing it in!" during comic call at Sonoma's Bar and Grille.

.comEDY already offers set recording for only $5 USD at both of our rooms but now we are expanding our premium service offerings for comics. Whether you are getting ready for the show of your life or just think you have more than 5-7 minutes to offer an audience, .comEDY is now offering any comic the chance to record a featured performance! Professional video recording can cost hundreds but you can do it on our stage for a fraction of that.

Note: You are paying for the video services not the stage time cost is based on editing time.

All packages include

  • A premium recording with your name titled on the video comprised of a 2 angle shot, and our board direct audio.
  • Being scheduled for an exclusive date where you will be featured on our flyer!
  • Accommodation of any special sound or lighting requests (we will do our best to within our means).
  • Your video featured on the .comEDY YouTube Channel for easy sharing
  • A DVD of your HD video
  • A premium spot in the line up on your scheduled night.
  • These are not “Bringer Shows” however bringing non-performing guests will qualify you for specific discounts on your package up to $10 off for bringing 10 people ($1 off per non comic, offer is only valid after meeting the bringer requirement of 5 audience members, the discount only applies with the 6th audience member brought).


  • The Feature – 15 minutes of quality stage time in HD only $20 USD!
  • The Special – 20 minutes fit for a TV special for $50 USD
  • The Headliner – 30 minutes to be the comic of the hour though not at the end of the night! Our headliners can go on right in the heart of prime time while the audience is hot. $100 USD

Rules & Policies

.comEDY reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Prospective performers must bring a minimum of 5 audience members to redeem their extended set, if they cannot meet this requirement they will be reduced to a standard set and the package date will be rescheduled. Performers must also submit a sample video approximately half the length of the package they are applying for ( 7min for 15, 10 for 20 and 15 for 30) though these may be separate videos. There are no refunds but if either party must cancel for the scheduled date a reschedule will be issued at the earliest convenience. .comEDY is not responsible for any changes imposed by the venue on the date of the show in question. Allow up to 1 week from showtime for video editing and production. It is the responsibility of the comic to pick up the physical DVD from one of our regular venues though special accommodations can be arranged on request.

Performers featured or not must respect the light and if the allotted time is exceeded in excess we have the right to cut the mic and play you off. Featured comics must be present and signed in for comic call 30 minutes prior to showtime or risk losing their prime time slot (Unless there are extenuating circumstances, but please note, we must be notified of the late arrival).

Payment is due one week prior to the scheduled performance either by cash or Paypal, personal checks not accepted.

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