Show Rules


Show Rules

At .comEDY we are huge fans of professionalism and we reward punctuality and respect for the room accordingly.

Our comics "bringing it in!" during comic call at Sonoma's Bar and Grille.

Rules for Comics

  • Each of our open mic shows have 10 reserved 5-7 minute slots that are available first come first serve. Reservations guarantee stage time. Sign Up Here
  • To guarantee these slots you must be present and signed in for comic call 30 minutes before show time. Late arrivals will forfeit their reservation and be placed on the list as they arrive.
  • Late arrivals will also be given no more than 5 minutes for their set.
  • If you can’t arrive at comic call due to work concerns or an emergency please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • If it is your first time you will get a max of 5 minutes regardless of whether or not you signed up online or in person.
  • In addition to the reserve slots we usually have around 8 first come first serve 5 minute slots available via on site sign up.
  • You will be given a 1 minute light and then an out of time light. Please use this to finish your last joke not start your last premise and please acknowledge that you have received the notification.
  • These are not “Bringer Shows” however bringing non-performing guests will qualify you for specific discounts on video services. Learn More Here

Musician Rules

  • Featured musical guests must be pre-screened to ensure they are a fit for our respective venues.
  • Please make sure you have a high resolution headshot and a sample (or link) of your music when you sign up here
  • Video of your performance is complimentary as a musical guest.
  • Music is featured for 1 song every 4 comedians once the show starts, however any time between sound check and the 9pm show start may be used for performance.
  • Selling of merchandise/CDs is permitted.