About Us



.comEDY began in the winter of 2013 at Splash Lounge in Rockville. The show featured numerous top comedians in the DC metro area and was hosted by Jesse Rivas & Joey LoFaro. The show was met with a lot of support from the comedy community as there was no comedy show available in Rockville at the time. The show proved to be a success and created a comedy scene in the Rockville/Bethesda area which has spawned numerous rising comedians.

Why we got started: .comEDY was started as a training ground for up & coming comedians. Giving longer stage time than your average open mic. .comEDY set itself apart by creating the open mic show with theater quality production, featuring weekly musical guests, running numerous innovative competitions, and producing high quality video recordings. .comEDY constantly provides a nurturing environment for comedians to grow.

The show is broken down into three parts:


Special Events


Competition breeds innovation. Here at .comEDY we provide a forum for comedians to challenge themselves and compete with each other in roast battles, competitions, and sketch comedies.




The open mic show is a three ring circus of comedic styles. You can see anything from blue collar comedy to urban, to mainstream and more.


Live Music


After every fourth comic, our musical guest performance gives the audience the chance enjoy a diverse entertainment experience between acts.


Our Team

Jesse Rivas


“The meaning of life is to give life a meaning!”

Jesse Rivas is an actor/comedian from Silver Spring, Maryland. He has been performing standup comedy across the east coast since 2012. Jesse has acted in numerous local films as well as performed in such comedy club as the New York Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, & Magooby’s Joke House in Timonium Maryland. Jesse is also one of the co-founders of .comEDY along with Joey LoFaro and together they co-hosts Wednesday.comEDY at Union Jack’s in Bethesda, Maryland.

Host Union Jacks

Joey LoFaro


“I just happen to enjoy singing, the fact that it annoys you is just a bonus.”

Joey has been doing stand up for 2 years and has risen rapidly, opening and hosting several comedy rooms in that time and performing everywhere from Richmond, VA to New York City and many in between. Joey has also branched out of stand up with a variety of improv performances, short film, and TV work including HBO’s “Veep”. Joey has studied at Roundhouse Theatre in Silver Spring, MD and the DC improv comedy club. Joey’s combination of character voices and story telling pays homage to his late grandfather who excelled at both during his youth but never took his talents to the stage.

Host Zeba , Union Jack’s & Podcast.comEDY

BJ Butler


“I need a do over.”

Originally from Brooklyn, NY BJ has been doing stand up off and on since 2009. He has performed everywhere from New York to North Carolina but is currently settled in Columbia, MD with his wife and 2 kids. BJ has been a voice over artist and actor since 1991 and has been involved with numerous commercials as well as popular shows like HBO’s ”The Wire”. BJ is currently focused on comedy being a semifinalist in the Magooby’s Jokehouse and Baltimore Comedy Factory’s competitions in 2014 and 2015 respectively. BJ currently hosts at both .comEDY venues and makes occasional appearances on the podcast.

Host Zeba & Union Jack’s

Kandyce August


“Pretty… Funny”

Since she was a child, Kandyce has always loved making people laugh. Kandyce’s favorite comedians are Wanda Sykes, Aziz Ansari, Katt Williams and Russell Brand. Much like this very diverse list of performers, her comedy is quite eclectic. She has a unique ability to make the audience see through the over-analytical lens with which she views the world. This observational humor and her highly animated stage presence make her a joy to watch. She has featured at such famous venues as Greenwich Village Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, Magooby’s Jokehouse and The Improv. She also hosts & produces a bi-weekly open mic at Recessions in DC.

Host Zeba & Union Jack’s

.comEDY Staff

Production Team

“Putting the show in Open Mic Show.”

The .comEDY production team travels to and produces all of our show ensuring our stages our lit, our exploits, are recorded, and our mics are hot. The team has professional training in sound, lighting, video, and photography, and has helped bring a brand new look and feel to the open mic comedy community.

Sound, Video, and lighting all events