Tournaments and Events

.comEDY is proud to implement a wide variety of comedy events check back with us as we are always coming up with new ways to deliver comedy to our audiences. You can view some of our recent options below.

Roast Battles

Current Champion Joe Gilpin.

Current Champion Joe Gilpin

This past January Wednesday.comEDY @ Union Jack’s introduced the roast battle to the DC area and it hasn’t been the same since. Two comics are each given 7 minutes to have at each other before a panel of experienced comics issue scores and declare a winner. Current champion Joe Gilpin swept all 3 rounds and won our first tournament in March 2015. Currently our second tournament is nearing its end and the winner will be able to challenge for the belt!

Music.comEDY Competition

Music.comEDY competition winner Marcy X!

Music.comEDY competition winner Marcy X!

In May 2015 we introduced our very first music-themed comedy competition with one primary guideline, “You MUST incorporate music into your act in some way!”. Comics responded with everything from improvised songs, to lip syncs, to custom parodies, and even a few original songs. Comics were each given 5 minutes in front of a panel of experienced comics and our house DJ Marcus to be as original and funny as possible and did not disappoint. The contest concluded in June with Marcy X taking the crown with an original piece. The competition will return sometime later this Summer for another go-around.

.comEDY Comic of the Year Competition

.comEDY 2015 comedian of the year Chris Lawrence!

.comEDY 2015 Comedian of the Year Chris Lawrence!

This past winter we had our second annual comedy competition both Zeba Bar and Union Jack’s with 3 elimination rounds and an initial field of 40 comedians all leading to a final 4 battle at Union Jack’s on December 23rd. Comics battled each week for judge and audience votes to decide the best comic. Despite a number of strong and dynamic performances Chris Lawrence took first place in 2015, combining a wide variety of material with some impressive rapping. The 2016 competition is tentatively scheduled for late Fall of this year with updated rules and locations coming in the near future.

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